Top Employer In UAE


United Arab Emirates has become a job hub now a day’s people from different countries visit there for work .There are thousands of companies working from almost all fields of the world’s requirements. Job seeker have lot of options to search jobs in UAE of any technical or non-technical field.

In Middle East mostly jobs are related to oil and construction, but the five best companies of UAE for employers are named as.

1 – DHL 

DHL world most popular transport & logistics company, In UAE the DHL rank best for employer.

2 – THE One 

THE One ranked 2nd best place for employer’s in UAE. In 1996 company opened his first store in Abu Dhabi after long struggle now THE ONE is great place for work.

3 – Omnicom Media Group 

People related to business marketing wish to join Omnicom, it’s a media cell of UAE.

4 – Splash 

Splash the fashion icon in UAE founded in 1993. People in love with fashion have dream to work with splash.

5 – The Estee Lauder Companies 

Estee lauder is an American cosmetics company, product of this brand is very famous and expensive in UAE, job searcher struggles hard to get job in Estee lauder.

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