Rate Of Unemployment In USA Is Getting High

That first and main reason of unemployment in USA is that employees leave their jobs to find the better one but in this search they faces many financial crisis, also we called it as ‘frictional unemployment’. Now the latest rate of unemployment is 4.7% and 5.8%. Second cause is that many people save enough money and quit the unsatisfactory jobs as they searching for a luxurious life style until they find just right job opportunity. The third cause is that the students which graduated from high school, collage and higher degree program then they look for high level jobs according to their skills and qualifications. That’s the crucial reason for youth unemployment in USA. Fourth cause of unemployment in USA when job seekers re-enter the labor force. This is the period when they stopped looking for jobs to elevate their children’s, get married or care for their elderly relatives.

Jobs in USA are getting decreasing day by day. And initially it’s directly effects on person’s mental health and after few times also effects to people toll (Taxes or charge). Unemployment also has negative overall effects on person’s sense of self-worth.  When a large number of people getting unemployed hurts the country economy and creating many problems. When because of unemployment people have less money to spend, all companies suffer from less consumer demand.

Now jobs in USA are getting started as they started job programs Incentivizing businesses and employers, they work in collaboration with business to hire jobseekers from live registration and providing them monthly cash payments to offset wage costs. It helps nearly 5,000 jobseekers. The department of social protection together with the department of education focusing on their young people, they introduced employment and training programs for young people. In 2014 they also introduced support program for starting their own business. They support to jobseekers that interested to enchanting for self-employment and starting their business with local development companies and other agencies. Improving education and skill levels and also introduces many Incentives for employers.

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