Ever Worst Conditions Of Jobs In KSA

Jobs in KSA

Now a days every country or state is facing ups and downs in the job market. Here we have a big example of Saudi Arabia that they have faced several rotations in the employment sector. Condition of Jobs in KSA is getting worst day by day despite of the fact that it is the largest state of Asia, which facilitates a large number of job seekers. Many people from different countries used to migrate to Saudi Arabia to boost their future and elevate their living standards, but due to recent conditions many people have become jobless and returned back to their homelands. Now Saudi Arabia is under great stress and is struggling with low GDP growth. Due to high heap of taxes and fees and lower economy growth rate country is still unable to pay the dues of its workers and due to these financial crisis many workers are leaving their jobs. When a country is not capable of facilitating or providing food to its migrant employees then it’s understood that it is going through worst financial conditions. That’s why they are not planning for huge construction projects as they always did and they have also stopped their further hiring’s. This condition is going since October last year and it’s really difficult to know that how long it will go on? In the back February of year 2016 many of Pakistani and Indian workers left saudia without a job also without basic facilities like, insurance coverage, food, shelter and medical facilities are evidence that things aren’t any better now than those were in February. Since last eight months most of the workers haven’t received their salaries. As per report of Al-Hayat newspaper ‘due to financial crisis of 2009, government paid for many countries to raise and tide over their critical situations. Also the finance ministry has cut advance payments from 20% to 5%.

The main issue of the worst condition of Jobs in KSA is the continuously decrease in the prices of oil in world market. As we all know that saudia economy is mostly based on oil and its current price is $42 and saudian are getting out of cash now a days due to this issue. In Saudi Arabia IMF warned all oil exporters that they will have to change new low oil price and if they will not be able to do this then it will took years for saudia to regain its original position in economy.  According to a survey Saudi Arabia offers many decent jobs for the people globally. Kingdom has the lowest unemployment rate and they provided a healthy career in various sectors like real estate, oil reserves, hospitality, information technology, retail and entertainment. One can also step into creative fields like journalism, animation, ticketing, and data entry jobs among few others. But for the experience persons there is a shortage of job opportunities. Now Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has pulled up and elevates job market and raise job opportunities and government sector focusing on creating 40 million jobs by 2020 where the private sector will contribute 60 % to completely eradicate the unemployment in the country. A large no of Saudi Arabia are engaged in engineering jobs, (especially in the oil industry), IT, health care and medicine, banking and financial institutions among others. Also the labor law creates a economic stability and beneficial for the citizens and their aim is also to facilitate and create more job opportunities and they give more attention to domestic workers.

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