Demographic Dividend & Pakistan

Pakistan is a hub of resources not only in mean of natural or mineral resources but other resources as well. If we talk about manpower Pakistan is the ideal country to have a suitable power as it is widely associated with the “youth bulge”.

What youth bulge actually is? It is basically a phenomenon when majority of population is young  & within the age bracket of 15-29.This is also attributed as the “Demographic Dividend”, because the status of demographic offers you a promising picture of huge labor force and skilled workers, thus making it a dividend for the country. However Pakistan is yet to channelize this potential. Over the span of several years it has been noticed that unemployment rate is quite high in Pakistan and even getting higher day by day as they have no new jobs in the market. “Young population” when depressed considers it justified to move towards radicalization and violence. As a result several social are prevalent in Pakistani society. To absorb such massive human capital, Pakistan need growth rate of 7-8% and not just the current 5% GDP. In order to make this youth bulge as dividend and not demographic disaster, it is highly necessary to create ample opportunities for the fresh graduate and skilled manpower. This is the need of the hour to reap the benefits of human capital and effectively hit the target of desired economic development.

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