CPEC – Game Changer for Pakistan

China – Pakistan Economic corridor famously known as CPEC is the mega project by the leadership of both countries. It is a huge project which will not only be beneficial for these two countries but also will have a lot of involvement for rest of the world. Initially it was a project of $46 billion but now according to the recent updates it involves $62 billion which is a huge investment for any project in this region.

This is an initiative by the Chinese premiership to amp up the economic progress of china but along with that this project is immensely pivotal for Pakistan as well. CPEC has three routes i.e. Eastern, western and central. It is also envisioned that raped development in energy and infrastructure will also take place. More over several industrial zone would be built to facilitate the commercial activates. In short CPEC is a game changer for Pakistan because such massive development in infrastructure with a steady flow of energy will boost the economy of Pakistan and alleviate the stagnant industrial sector of Pakistan. CPEC also has a potential to make Pakistan another “Asian Tiger” as these industrial ones are paramount in economic raise already witnessed in other countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea. Now it is high time for Pakistan to reap its benefits by successfully completing the project.

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