CPEC Bring Education Opportunities For Pakistani Youth

The initial purpose or goal of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was basically to enhance the mutual development between two great friends China and Pakistan. The main question was raised here, How to do that? And the simplest answer is by strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between both countries. Both countries are working with each other not only to enhance their political mutual trust but also to expand their  economic and trade cooperation as well and the primary issue is to make stronger their cultural and education exchanges.

This project is not only bringing the business to Pakistan but it is also giving the opportunity to the Pakistani youth to flourish their skills by getting the advance studies. For that Chinese Government has started a well-organized Scholarship Program which will not only give the benefits to the students of Pakistan but as well to Chinese student as both will have a chance to exchange their ideas. In this program they are covering the students from all over Pakistan, not only from big cities of Pakistan but also from small towns like Gwadar, Gujranwala, Kamalia, Multan, Swat, Mingora, Sargodha, and Dera Ismail Khan. Students will have a chance to be beneficial in different areas of interest and fields and for that they will get the education from different universities of China. The major fields of education will be: computer science and technology, business administration, finance, physical chemistry, architecture, civil engineering, broadcasting communication, international law, and journalism.

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