OSP Splicer Technician Job in Saudi Arabia

Job in Saudi Arabia

Gulf reputed consultant company SWI looking for OSP Splicer Technician job in Saudi Arabia. OSP splicer Technician is responsible for the maintenance and operation  (/testing/Corrective/Reallocate) and balance of the OSP cables.

Job Title: OSP Splicer Technician

Industry : Engineering

Materials Expert (OSP/Fiber) Job in Saudi Arabia

  • Experience & skills required:
  • Strong experience with fiber splicing.
  • Fiber Blowing.
  • robust understanding of Conduit.
  • experience with including fiber to current conduits.
  • Telecommunications background desired.

Must have valid driving license & training certificates in related fields is a plus point .

Post Resume for Saudi Arabia jobs : yasir.hussain@swius.com

Job in Saudi Arabia

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